Purpose: community that wants to consume in a more conscient way
Core activity: supermarket of local and ecological products
Governance model: non-profit association
Patterns of Commoning:
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A Cooperative Supermarket Learn more

Magrana Vallesana is a member-owned and member-operated food store, with an emphasis on locally produced and agro-ecological products.

Local producers and consumers engage together in the project, which enables them to keep prices as low as possible within the context of their values and principles.

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In a profit-oriented supermarket, you can choose between different brands of yogurt, or different types of tomatoos. But you can hardly decide on how they are produced, how they are packaged and transported, or how food waste is dealt with.

Making conscient consumer's choices within a cooperative model that keeps products affordable for everyone, is the key goal of their project, according to Míriam.

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Several food growers coordinate at the beginning of the season the vegetables that each of them will produce, and the cost.

In this way, growers and eaters create a trust relation and share the responsibility for the harvest, independent of the market price.

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The cooperative activates the local economy, and creates new networks of participation.

According to Hilari, thanks to these local ties, people share a feeling of belonging and ownership, which in itself is beautiful, and it also makes the community stronger.

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