Purpose: making mobility more sustainable
Core activity: electric car sharing
Governance model: cooperative
Patterns of Commoning:
Dream Resource Organize
SOM MOBILITAT An Electric Car Sharing Cooperative Learn more

Local communities in towns and cities throughout Catalonia can set up a hub and organize their mobility collectively.

Arnau, one of the founders of Som Mobilitat, explains that they want to help the transition towards more sustainable lifestyles, while the users can participate and decide in this process.

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Neighbours can book a car with their phone, occasionally for just a few hours, or on a regular basis.

Marc, a member of a local hub in a rural area, tells that he needed to make a mindshift when he started sharing a car.

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The cooperative is in charge of the practical operation, the technology and the legal aspects. Most cars are owned by the cooperative, and co-financed by the members, or by crowd-funding.

Important decisions are taken by the members of the cooperative, and are not motivated by expectation of profit.
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Som Mobilitat is part of a European Network of carsharing cooperatives, who closely work together to share their resources, for instance the IT platform.

Joachim, founder of Partago in Ghent (Belgium), believes this network embodies the philosophy of "act locally, think globally".

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Electric car sharing cooperatives join forces with renwable energy cooperatives under under the umbrella of a European Federation: Rescoop.eu

According to Myriam, they are a broader movement that is working on a green energy transition that involves citizens and local communities.

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