Purpose: transition towards a commons economy
Core activity: business training program
Governance model: public project
Patterns of Commoning:
Dream Disrupt Transform
COMUNIFICADORA A Business Incubator for Collaboration, Sustainability and Commons Learn more
Comunificadora is a business incentive program of the city council of Barcelona.

Startups get a professional accompaniment in developing a sustainable businesses model that doesn't focus on growth, but on creating value for society.
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According to David, Comunificadora builds on old and new ways of collaboration.

On one side, there is a link with the strong local tradition of cooperatives and community organizations in Catalonia.

On the other side, it taps into global collaboration through the Internet: free software, free knowledge, free culture and open design.
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Comunificadora targets existing businesses and new projects, and offers formal trainings, specific workshop, co-working sessions and personalized coaching.

Participating projects deal for instance with culture, housing, education, tourism, energy, intra-urban delivery, reuse of materials, waste recycling, services and content for free technologies.
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Comunificadora helped "Commons Cloud" to create a sustainable economic model that involves the community of users.

Martina explains that they are an online collaboration platform that integrates existing open source tools, and leaves the technology in the hands of the users.
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Mensakas is another project that received a "commons business training" in Comunificadora. This bike delivery courier service is organized as a workers cooperative, providing services to local retailers, healthy food suppliers and companies in the social economy.

Their IT platform can be shared with bike delivery cooperatives in other cities, as a "platform cooperative", that creates value for the local economy.
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