Purpose: develop sustainable modes of production and consumption
Core activity: workshops to prototype and test new lifestyles
Governance model: company
Patterns of Commoning:
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ESFERICA Prototyping Circular and Sustainable Economy Learn more
Esferica develops new ideas about sustainable production and consumption, testing and exploring a waste-free future.

How can products or services be designed in such a way, that everything that involves its use, happens within the planetary boundaries?
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What business models can replace the current model of mass production that “takes-fabricates-throws away”?

How can circular modes of consumption and production be put into practice, and eventually become more widespread?

Can sunglasses, for instance, be produced on a local scale with re-used plastics?

Esferica explores these kind of questions, and tries to rethink the way we create and consume products in today’s society.
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In their workshops, participants produce their own sunglasses out of plastic waste. One of the goals is to create awareness about raw materials and the production of waste.

Marc, entrepreneur of Esfèrica, hopes to get insights into circular, local and decentralized production, and to develop sustainable business models for it.
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Designing sustainable products is about designing a sustainable lifestyle around the products.

Mercè, process designer, explains how Esferica is testing these new lifestyles, and prototyping a "proof of concept".

She believes that, eventually, they can influence and transform mainstream ways of production and consumption.
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According to Delphine of the campaign #breakfreefromplastic, we need to reconsider the use of plastics, limiting it to products where it really makes sense.

She puts her hope in local entrepreneurs who come up with new ideas to build a zero waste economy.

She stresses however that the focus should be on avoiding waste in the first place, rather than reusing it.
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