Purpose: creating local economies around re-use of electronic devices
Core activity: assessing zero waste organisations
Governance model: foundation
Patterns of Commoning:
Transform Prototype
eREUSE Local Development around
re-used Electronics
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Electronic waste is considered the fastest-growing waste stream in the world, generating huge environmental impacts.

eReuse.org helps to transition towards a collaborative and circular consumption of electronics, by avoiding premature recycling.

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eReuse.org helps zero-waste organizations all over the world to organize local economies around discarded computer devices, and to extend the lifetime of products through repair, refurbish, and reuse.

Any city can implement a reuse circuit based on cooperation between local organizations, creating "green jobs".

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David explains that eReuse.org developed an open source platform, so that different actors at the local level can efficiently collaborate: suppliers, reuse centers, retailers, collectors and recyclers.

This IT platform brings automation, traceability and auditability in all the steps of the lifespan of devices, such as desktops, laptops or mobile phones.

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Circular economy brings a new paradigm in the production chain of electronics, in such a way that all actors, from producers in the beginning to the recyclers at the end, start to collaborate.

Joan Marc of Zero Waste Europe believes that hundreds of cities all over the world could adopt the proposals of eReuse.org, thanks to the open source concept.

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