An Audiovisual Story of
8 inspiring Citizens' Initiatives
building a more
Sustainable and Inclusive Society
Som Mobilitat Guifi Net Konvent eReuse Open Food Network Comunificadora Magrana Vallesana Esferica START HERE! Hello What About Commoning in Catalonia is a story of 8 citizens' projects building a new economy of participation at the local level.

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Citizens and communities come together and organize some of their basic needs collectively.

They build new business models based on collaboration, making it easier to live in a sustainable way.

These local projects inspire citizens in other cities and regions of the world to set up similar projects, and to cooperate in transnational networks.
This project is an independent research on the commons economy in Catalonia by Bart Grugeon Plana, an investigative journalist.

Commoning Catalonia received a grant from Timelab Ghent in Belgium, a citizens' lab that aims to stimulate the awareness about the commons.
Conclusions The different projects in Catalonia that organize around commons indicate a new vision for society and economy.

The commons can build a truly participatory economic production system, and become a pillar of our economies and societies.

They can trigger the transition towards a sustainable and inclusive economy.