Purpose: allowing creative and disruptive ideas to bloom
Core activity: experimental art and cultural residences
Governance model: grassroots
Patterns of Commoning:
Dream Disrupt
KONVENT A Laboratory for Experimentation and Creativity Learn more

Konvent is a late XIX century nun’s convent and textile colony that has been converted into a multidisciplinary arts centre.

It is self-managed and open to any creative project without pre-established requisites. Its unique location in the Pyrenees gives residents a space to explore disruptive and unfinished ideas, and to share them with the local community.

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Konvent is a place linked to art, but in a very broad way. Rosa, one of the coordinators, explains that they want to give the opportunity to think about everything in another way, to imagine different possible worlds.

Residents often work in community around various topics, such as art, architecture, gardening, food, music, local traditions...

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One of the residents organized a reflection around the different dimensions of food, such as the "changes in food systems since globalization", "foodwaste", or the "sacrality of food".

Ricard and Enric are academic researchers who experienced that creative spaces such as Konvent are ideally suited to experiment with disruptive or innovative ideas.

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Mauricio, a design teacher, argues that creative processes are much richer when they are open, and oriented towards the common benefits of society.

Dynamic and open societies need creative spaces, where citizens can engage around commons and organize in local communities.

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