Purpose: powering a new food system
Core activity: a digital food distribution network without intermediaries
Governance model: platform cooperative
Patterns of Commoning:
Transform Organize
Building a resilient Local Food Economy Learn more
The Open Food Network builds a software platform that local communities use for the distribution of food that is produced according to the principles of agroecology, often by small scale farmers.

By professionalizing these short supply chains, the Open Food Network facilitates a resilient local food economy. Communities of food growers and eaters organize through virtual farmers’ market.
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Conventional methods of industrial agriculture are responsible for many negative ecological and health impacts, and account for roughly 30% of current global greenhouse gas emissions.

Regenerative organic farming practices not only preserve biodiversity, they also remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in the soil, and they are a powerful strategy against the climate collapse.
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Producers of agro-ecological food face however structural problems, and have a hard job to reach out to all potential consumers. The Open Food Network builds the technological tools to create and professionalise these local marketplaces.

By collaborating on a global level with open source solutions, they share the costs of developing new software, and ensure that their project is more resilient.
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For Anna and Gato, local organic farmers, the technological platform of the Open Food Network is an important tool that helps making their business viable.

They can dedicate their time to work on the field, and don't need to spend resources to the distribution and commercialization of their vegetables.
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Members of local communities have different motivations for eating organic food, explains Susana, one of the coordinators.

Some people want to eat healthy, some families want to have a direct relation with the farmers, and others members have ecological or political concerns.
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